Too many methods have us sound the same!


Let’s do visibility differently!

Do. Be. Think. Differently about Visibility. 

Visibility when it comes to speaker training has to be done differently

I see too many methodologies that focus on counting the ‘erms’, articulation of an accent or fancy language patterns. To get paid and unpaid speaking gigs, none of these are necessary.

When speaking to people who are getting their work, message and often mission out there, all you want to do is get your head straight, articulate and know what to say. 

My role as a Visibility Queen is to remind YOU of who YOU are so that you don’t sound like someone else, instead of counting mistakes and showing you who you aren’t… 

I always promise you tips, and in order to manage it, every Tuesday, you can find me on YouTube and Clubhouse live so if you want to ask me anything or pick my brain, I’ll be live over there.