Make a start, and voice what’s not visible


Make a start, and voice what’s not visible.

If you’re here, it’s likely that…

You are an ambitious go-getter either a business owner, founder, consultant, entrepreneur, freelancer or an associate. If you’re a part of the senior management team or at exec level within your organisation, you’re highly creative, highly effective and highly driven. You’ve got a reputation for being a high performer.

So who do you go to when you’re looking to get to your next new level within your business, organisation, or life?

2008… the creation of a system, an accidental discovery

It was another four years before I fully realised its true value. Although this discovery benefits you and consistently helps thousands of people just like you every day to stand out and make a huge impact. When you, grasp the opportunity you’ll reach your full and untapped potential.

In discovering the power of being truly visible, it allows you to voice the invisible value you bring.

If you could be shown an easy and repeatable way to increase your visibility by raising your professional profile in a matter of 30 to 90 days just by experiencing the Visibility Activator Programme™ would you be ready to?

In simple terms

I help people, teams, businesses and organisations to raise their profile so that they voice what’s not visible. Usually their services and their value propsition, through spoken presentstions, that leads to sales, clients, new members and the type of recognition that makes them stand out.

Visibility. Done. Differently. 

According to popular belief, you’ll only hang around on here for a few minutes, so here are a couple of ways you can take your next best step.

Our work is confidential so I won’t name and shame. Here’s what just some of our clients have said (between you and I)

I met Jenny when the company I work for had the idea of putting together a team which was attempting to sell an existing product in a completely different way. Jenny was given the task of pulling together a collection of individuals and molding them into a team which could hit the ground running on the first day of the following month.  Jenny not only hit the target, but she managed to create a team so good that it has gone on to become the most successful sales teams in the organisation.

A year on from this, the entire team is still together and the organisation is looking to grow the team and potentially use this teams model internationally. I know that without Jenny’s input, none of this would have happened so fast and so efficiently and if I was looking to do the same elsewhere I wouldn’t use anyone else to do this because Jenny delivers effective results fast.

Corporate Client Field & Telephone Sales Team

Jenny Kovacs is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. Jenny’s training and coaching has been crucial in furthering my career, building my confidence and believing in myself.

Sales Consultant Financial Services

Thanks for everything you did for me, you have made me successful again and it feels great.

Head of Department

Get Visible Through Video

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