A true lesson in the power of visibility… 

Ever decided to go against the grain?

Perhaps you prefer to do something differently and rarely follow the crowd? 

We decided to go away on holiday after everyone else it seems. We decided on the destination and booked up a trip to La Garda. 

For me this is is an important time of year, it’s the time I plan, assess and ramp up on the many options and opportunities available to me.

it’s also when I plan my forthcoming year.  

There are a few things I do first in order to prepare to plan, here are 3 of them:  

1. I hold an appraisal of the last 12 months of myself, my goals and my business.

2.  I pull together my vision for 2020 (the year it seems for 20/20 vision).

3.  I also look at potential mentors, coaches and guidance, I will need to assist me through.

After all, what got me here to this point in time is unlikely to help me to go for my goals in the near future.

Then, I break them into achievable bits.

Sometimes we hit some bumps in the road, unexpected things crop up or life just happens, either way, how we think about ourselves is key and the thing that gets that metaphorical key turning is the support we have.

Just before flying out, I had the privilege to have some conversations with professional people just like you who were looking at how they’d like their year to end. 

It usually starts with a making a decision or choice, a bit like the menu here. 

Next is recognising what you no longer want to tolerate.

An often overlooked piece is often recognition of the strengths, value AND values you hold dear then start from there.

I recorded a brief video in this a couple of days ago

Click or tap here to watch it

In a few days time and once I’m back in my office, I’ll be letting you know exactly how you can build some strong foundations for you or your teams through coaching.  

Coaching can also help you to stand out with in months and moments instead of years and decades. 

Speak soon

PS And because I know you’re short on time, that video is just 5 minutes long. Shorter than a binge watch on Netflix! To binge more over on YouTube, be sure to subscribe while you’re there too!