Are You Having a Happy Day?

It’s been a happy week!


This week has been all about 

Rest… Breakfasts… Sunshine... Food… Friends… Chats… Travel… Hugs… Laughter… Happiness 

The best bit…? 



Happiness that I had a warm bed to sleep in 

Happiness that I was able to eat the breakfast I fancied (it was a little weird) 

Happiness that every time I went outside the sun shone and the clouds evaporated 

Happiness that the food (and tiramisu) was delicious 

Happiness to see friends I hadn’t seen for a while

Happiness about the chats and listening to people’s life experiences 

Happiness in a hug or three


But. If you’re looking for your work to be validated, to go viral or be liked just to be happy?


That’s the fastest route in the opposite direction of happiness, here’s my professional advice:


💫 Go for happiness first and it’ll enhance your visibility by giving you genuinely great stuff to talk about.


💫 Know who your ideal audience are and what they truly want from you because this makes your message magnetic adding a certain “Magic In Your Message” that they can deeply hear.


💫 Yes your business can likely help everyone but your best people will have a run of ideal and often surprising characteristics, find those first and find those quickly. 


As a person whose business guides people to live a better life, I understand that your ability to share clearly is super important. 


If you’re speaking, doing videos, livestreams, podcasts or social media posting and not seeing new clients from that, and that doesn’t bring you happiness, it’s time to look at what you can do differently.


This time last year I announced the Time to Shine programme where received visibility in weekly bites with me live, designed to have the kind of visibility that creates cash, because it’s this that makes your business happy!!!! 


This month, spend a day working with me privately to map out your personalised Visibility plan, while I walk you through the key essential steps. To explore whether the is right for you now or to secure your day next month, schedule an exploration call right here.


Want to enrol straight away in the Time To Shine Personal Day?