I rarely share anything online from my journal, until today…

Because this August you’re likely to see me less on social media.


I’m not disappearing totally in fact throughout August you can catch me live every Tuesday on:

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But being seen less in August though! I know right?

That might seem strange for a Visibility Specialist, especially the one known as “The Queen Of Being Seen” since 2010. 

There’s a lot of bandwagon jumping out there so here’s when this started… 

In September 2021 I had a bit of an epiphany. 

As I watch the world around me which included friends family and clients I noticed something that didn’t sit well with me.

So I quietly contemplated whether this was some sort of career sabotage, an impulsive thought, or something driven by fear. 

I sat with this for a number of weeks, waiting for the feeling to pass. 

It didn’t pass, in fact it’s intensity grew. 

So for weeks I explored, I uncovered and I discovered why…

But back to my journal.

In November 2021 I wrote in my specially selected journal… 

“I’m seriously considering reducing (or withdrawing) from social media”


The first person I felt I had to justify this to was myself, after all being visible includes online AND social media and with that in mind, I rapidly wrote down 14 immediate reasons that surged in my gut of why this felt like exactly the right thing to do.

I called these The Catalysts.

There are many more but these were what I noted and wrote down immediately in under 30 minutes in one go.

Over the next few posts, I’ll share some of these catalysts as well as my explorations that I uncovered not just from me and my activity, but also what I’ve been hearing from the clients I’ve been blessed to work with.

Over the next few posts, I’ll share some of The Catalysts as well as the explorations that I uncovered not just from me and my activity, not even from the clients I’ve been blessed to work with. 

I’ll also talk about the “research“ that around myself, my business and other brands, people and celebrities in the public eye. 

It seems a bit bizarre to talk about this on social media, especially while I take a break from it this August, so I’ve decided to blog about it on my website and vlog about it on YouTube. 

That way you’re not pulled into distractions while following this journey. 

In terms of what I share, in my eyes, you’re a fully grown adult, you don’t need to be persuaded or pulled in any direction, and this is not about bashing social media, so if you’re reading this online…

Do hop over to my website, hear or watch this as a video on YouTube, and feel free to ask me more while I’m live on YouTube or Clubhouse. 

Most of all thank you for following this journey.

I also want to give you full permission to do what’s right for YOU, I say this because what I know for sure is that this journey will not be for everyone. I also acknowledge that you as a fully fledged adult have a right to choose without being judged by me or anyone else for what you decide to do with what you hear or learn.

My aim is solely to share my journey and a place for you to come to if you feel similar, something I mention resonates, or have the same points of view. 

I’ve also come to learn from the online space, that if you’re a voyeur or perhaps are looking to create content based on what I share. (Yes I know that happens too), please note that I see you too. 

If you quote me or use my words, please name me as publicly as you share. 

Let’s keep this online industry clean. 

Feel free to send your reader or viewer to my work too, this is not a sleazy sales funnel or persuasive pitch plan.  

It’s. Visibility. Done. Differently. 

But, what about social media for running a business?

Early in the piece, I recognised that this question would come up… a lot!

Let’s face it, it was a question that came up for me immediately too. 

So I want to start by acknowledging two things:

Thing number one.

To me there is a distinction between being online and on social media. The line is very grey and very thin but there is a difference for all sorts of reasons I’ll go on to explain why.

Thing number two.

Some things are considered social media and run very differently, a lot of what I share is subjective (although I’ve also been able to see this through other people and both hear and read other peoples opinions). This is not about them, it’s about me, I believe that this is a useful stance for you too. 

The first Catalyst…

A new found hyper awareness of when clients were telling me they felt fearful about being visible. I watched as a client got visibly emotional and extremely upset when I asked them what they wanted to share on social…

More to come