The Engaging Speaker

Increase Your Effectiveness and Engagement 

Your ability to speak and present well are an integral part that raise your professional profile to become even more visible.

Visibility when it comes to speaker training has to be done differently. 

Too many methodologies focus on:

‼️ counting your ‘erms’

‼️ how you articulate specific words

‼️ having you changing your accent or how you sound

‼️ you learning fancy language patterns


In my experience (of 12 years in this business and 20+ years managing trainings corporately) 

I know that all you want to do is get your head straight, sound credible, make an impact, be articulate and know what to say (and what not to). 

Imagine a space where you get to create the type of talks that feel unique to you

Imagine you sounding more like you, while staying and sounding professional

Imagine a brand based on real people conveying real messages that make a real difference

My role when you speak is to remind you of who you are and help you to be more YOU.

I’ve never subscribed to the common approach of:

Showing you who you aren’t

Focussing on what you’re doing wrong 


Creating a space that feels unsafe… 

If you, someone you know or your teams are looking to be heard by speaking and presenting  more, enhance your presentations or engage on and off video, then let’s schedule some time to talk. 

Let’s do this differently. So you’re remembered for making a difference. 

 1 – 3 Day events available for groups

12 Week trainings for groups & individuals

1 & 3 Month private trainings for execs, founders, leaders, business owners, aspiring speakers and professionals

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The Sounding Board

Increase Your Professional Effectiveness 

The Sounding Board is…Your secret weapon to creating a greater impact professionally & personally, with a clear and confident new focus.

Seek out solutions with a splattering of strategy and a sage point of view. No fears, drama or concerns required, so whether you need classic coaching, steer, guidance, mentorship or a confidential outsiders ear, this is it! 

£3,500* 12 Months or £2,100*  6 Months

Prices shown exclude VAT