Being brilliant at what you do, yet pendulum swinging from feeling like an impostor one moment to feeling like a dirty little secret and bouncing around in-between on the slow train of “someday they’ll see my value”.

Hunting and gathering! You know your stuff when it comes to sales but hunting and gathering can feel a little exhausting especially if what you catch is the soft toy version and not the real deal

The slog of the one by one! Speaking to individuals at expo’s, networking events and shows, slows you down and especially when you’re on a mission to speak to the masses makes you feel more like the tortoise than the hare

That naked strawberry analogy, possibly the most ridiculous and useless metaphor on the planet! Designed to relax you so you can wax lyrical but actually about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

On Brand Powerpoints, designed to promote, inform and engage, yet crushes connection, visually clicks the off switch and soon sends your audience to sleep accidentally

Not to mention the…

Stops and starts those accidentally inconsistencies which lead to slumps in visibility, kudos, profile, clients AND sales, thigh hopefully not all at the same time!

Cases of collateral The brochures, cards and heavily branded leaflets which do the job YOU are best placed to do, PRESENT WITH PASSION and sell well

Business Dashboards just to ensure that the whole business can see if you’re having a bad quarter

It takes more than just…

1 LOOKS ~ How you look, how the presentation looks, how the numbers look

2 PUSHING ~ Pushing through, speaking loudly and quashing nerves

3 NUMBERS ~ Collecting leads, don’t be fooled by the ‘the bigger the audience myth

Make BIGGER sales from SMALL rooms, audiences, data bases, viewers and lists!


Present confidently and demonstrate credibility that …conects you to your customer AND sells your services…with zero pitching

You need to be seen, you need to be heard, and you need to make an impact and YOU  need to be able to sell the value well.

You don’t have to speak the Queen’s English, you don’t have articulate your own excellence, to have more people buy from you.

I’m Jenny Kovacs

Born in the early 70’s and talkative as a toddler, young child, teenager and adult I’m Jenny Kovacs Visibility Specialist and company director nicknamed “The Queen of Being Seen” 

I became the first Visibility Specialist in the UK to specifically show people and organisations to stand out!

I Speak, Consultant, Train & Coach on profile raising professional visibility and Created the Visibility VIBES™, Speaking Out Authentically™ and Presentations That Sell™ Systems.


After a couple of decades in the travel industry, and as a senior Training Manager in the Financial Services sector, I began to notice that some of the most talented professionals would not always stand out. So I literally became obsessed with how we all have the same number of hours in a day yet approach things so differently and studied what makes them different.

My corporate background took me through the underbelly of learning to be heard, be seen, stand out, position my own profile and to sell well. From a million pound salesperson for Thomas Cooks, to rising from the worst to the best in sales in countries with culture such as Turkey & Morocco. When in financial services I once had my sales target doubled a month into a quarterly target.


I discovered a golden nugget which I sat on for the first 5 years since starting my business in 2010 and it was the correlation between visibility, being seen and selling well.

I’m the ‘passionate about’ behind this page and this business which was designed 

So many people spend their time wishing, wanting and waiting for their unique ‘chance’ to 

~ get the promotion 

~ ask for the opportunity 

~ activate their ability to be brilliant 

~ stand out in their life

But now is your time…

© Jenny Kovacs 2018. All Rights Reserved.